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Tom Blackwell's Autumn Tour starts next week. Great scenes.

You can snap up a download of his unreal performance supporting Terry Reid at St Mary's Creative Space here ~

Be sure to catch this rare talent at the following venues ~

15/09 The Golden Eagle, Chester, Cheshire 18/09 Market Bar Inverness 19/09 MacSorleys Music Bar Glasgow 20/09 Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh 21/09 Caledonia Liverpool 22/09 Nunnington Royal Oak 23/09 Chilli Cake Hartlepool 24/09 The Grayston Unity, Halifax 30/09 Thornton Hough Village Club & Bar, Wirral

06/10 Blossoms Stockport 07/10 The Buxton Tap House, Buxton 14/10 Grove Inn, Leeds 15/10 The Lighthouse, Deal 17/10 The Greys Brighton 18/10 Leytonstone Ex Servicemens Club 19/10 Jam in a Jar, London

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