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Roman Candle Presents Willy Mason

Thursday 3rd August, 2023, 7.30PM.

£18 Adv.

Willy Mason
St Mary's ~ A Creative Space

Facebook event page

Roman Candle is delighted to welcome Willy Mason back to St Mary's Creative Space, Chester. Special guest to Sweet Giant and Phillip Jon Taylor (PAWS).


Thursday 3rd August, 2023, 7.30PM. Tickets £18 advance from Grey N Pink Records or See Tickets. ​


Willy Mason is touring Europe at breakneck speed with a three piece band tighter than the margins on this winters’ grocery lists. You’ve heard him before but not like this, sharper and smoother at the same time. Touring his energetic and wryly hopeful 2021 manifesto Already Dead, with sets seasoned by reinterpreted classics from across the expanse of his career.

Band is: Farley Glavin on bass (Lemonheads, Killer Motorcycle) and Charlotte Anne Dole on drums (Empty Country, Hammy Down, Cult Objects).




Much like the mycelium spreading unseen through the soil, Sweet Giant are a crew of assorted creatures who found themselves and each other in some of London’s coziest crevices. Brought together by a shared love of the wild side, Sweet Giant bursts forth from the underground, like a fruiting body emerging from the forest floor.

With spitting amplifiers and rattling drums, buzzing oscillators and runaway echo, Sweet Giant are putting the weird and the wonderful back into rock and roll.


The band fully embrace a DIY ethos; writing, recording, producing and creating artwork from their hand-built London studio - lovingly dubbed 'Big Vision Studios'.


Phillip Jon Taylor is a Scottish/Spanish singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist living in the Scottish Highlands. Best known as the songwriter and founding member of Glasgow band/moniker PAWS. Solo acoustic performances of his material would see him share the stage with friends like Japanese Breakfast and Scott Hutchison as well as receive bill invitations from Seattle’s Death Cab For Cutie. In this solo capacity, getting down to the bones of his material, a passion for song crafting and self-reliance in the studio was renewed.

A dial reset and relocation to a home studio on a coastal farm in north east Scotland. Allowing the dust to settle after many cross continental tours in support of four studio albums with PAWS. The last of which, Your Church On My Bonfire, was the final work by the band preluding a pandemic-spurred hiatus. P.J.T is now recording works under his birth name and applying experience gathered during album recording sessions with producers/songwriters alike such as Mark Hoppus, Andy Monaghan, Rory Atwell and Jeremy Backofen. Indie rock/pop sensibilities frequented throughout the PAWS discography, DIY ambitions for emotive songwriting and experimental electronic score (most notably on his 2020 pseudonym project Coping Mechanism) all come together to paint a larger portrait of the artist’s ever developing range of audio practice.

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