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I'd like to thank everyone involved in Roman Candle Promotions this year. It's been a huge y

It has been an absolute pleasure to promote all of these outstanding musicians - Robert Chaney, Tom Blackwell, We Were Strangers, Terry Reid, Bill MacKay, Ryley Walker, Michael Chapman, Jon Coley, M G Boulter, Nadine Khouri, John Murry, Nick Ellis - Music, Mel Bowen, Rachael Jean Harris Music, Steve Pilgrim, James Harries, Rattlesnake Joe, Hanami Family, Tom Durkin Music, Kenney & McKeon.

The support and positive feedback we've had has been incredible and we can't wait to bring you more special events next year.

Special thanks to the incredible RC team - Lee Edwards, Connor Houston, Tom Blackwell, Meg Parry, Phil Simmons, Edward Davies, Andrew Rider, Emma LP, Brian Hickey Photography, Steve Chetwood.

Please check out the amazing gigs we already have booked in, full scenes -

More announcements very soon. Merry Christmas and have a great New Year. X

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