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Roman Candle Presents Sweet Giant

Thursday 11th July, 2024.
£8 Adv.

Sweet Giant
The Castle Hotel, Manchester

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Roman Candle is delighted to welcome Sweet Giant to Kazimier Stockroom, Liverpool on Wednesday 10th July. Special guest Broken Down Golf Cart and Tom Blackwell.

Tickets £8 advance from See Tickets.


"There is a cinematic quality to their songs, like the soundtrack to a road movie''
-DTF Media

''They feel like what I imagine gigs in late-60s California sounded like – a modern nostalgic desire for something that hasn’t actually existed before''

Much like the mycelium spreading unseen through the soil, Sweet Giant bursts forth from the underground, like a fruiting body emerging from the forest floor - With spitting amplifiers and rattling drums, buzzing oscillators and runaway echo.

The band fully embrace a DIY ethos; writing, recording, producing and creating artwork from their hand-built London studio - lovingly dubbed 'Big Vision Studios'.


Formed in Manchester in 2017, featuring members of garage rock outfits Proto Idiot and Antelopes. The Be Positives are Mike Seal (Guitar, Piano, Vocals), Callum Darley (Drums, Vocals), Simon Mayne (Guitar, Vocals) & Rob Hatton (Bass, Vocals).

The band profess to make melodic pop music with bright guitars and a loud rhythm section.


Now based on Teesside, Tom Blackwell emerged from the Manchester folk club circuit, where he discovered the country, blues and gospel music that would become the foundations of his work.

Between 2010-2011 a succession of homemade recorded demo collections garnered somewhat of a cult following. In 2012 The Viper label of Liverpool (Edgar Jones) released a compilation of these tracks. The record received support from BBC Radio 2 & 6 Music.

After a tumultuous start to 2014, Blackwell found himself embarking on a 3 month pilgrimage of America. Armed only with a guitar and the clothes on his back, he travelled thousands of miles over rail and bus, before a chance meeting in Nashville with sound engineer Matt Wyman led to the recording of Tyrone The Gun. The album found critical acclaim and named as one of Country Music People magazine's albums of the year in 2015

In 2018 he decided to undertake an archive project to document his early material in the barest of forms. The ‘Memphis Volumes’ were just that, hushed vocal and guitar takes captured in various Merseyside dwellings onto an old Tascam cassette recorder.

His second official long player, Regency Cafe was released in the late summer of 2023

A prolific writer with a visceral and dynamic performance style, Blackwell has been performing across the UK and beyond for the last 15 years, honing his craft both on and off stage.

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