Roman Candle Presents Devon Sproule

Saturday 11th April, 7.30PM.
£12 Adv.
Devon Sproule
Marker Starling
St Mary's ~ A Creative Space
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Roman Candle is delighted to welcome Devon Sproule with special guest Marker Starling to St Mary's Creative Space, Chester.

Saturday 11th April, 7.30PM. Tickets £12 advance from Grey n Pink Records or See Tickets.


“I’m imagining a golden string that is connecting everything but especially beings where love has been. I’ve imagined it again and again so often, it isn’t even imagining, it is making it happen.”

Devon Sproule is a Canadian/American musician living in rural Virginia, raised on eco-villages near Kingston, Ontario and Louisa, Virginia. The 33-year-old, in addition to being a musician, is a high school drop-out, a mother, a birder, and a student of Deaf Culture and sign language. She has been married to producer Paul Curreri for 10 years.

Devon Sproule’s music welcomes the magical and the tangible.  It celebrates human complication in the language of nature. It is North American music with weirdo roots.

Since 2007, Sproule’s recordings have been released by Tin Angel Records, based in Coventry, England. She collaborates regularly with Toronto-based band Bernice and producer Sandro Perri. In Summer 2015, she recorded songs from a new collection, “The Gold String,” in Yukon and Nova Scotia. Besides Canada and America, Sproule also tours regularly in Europe and has travelled with her music to Africa and Australia.

Devon returns to the UK this April as she tours her upcoming album Pink Noise.

“Sproule’s lyrics glance off each other arrestingly, juxtaposing images.” Financial Times

“here in her mellifluous vocals and poetic, freewheeling lyrics that, in the way of Bjork and Joanna Newsom, are more blank verse than rhyming schemes” Observer

“dreamy songs of rural domestic bliss” The Guardian


After recording and performing for many years as Mantler, Toronto’s Chris A. Cummings renamed himself Marker Starling in 2012. A solo performer for much of his career, Cummings became known for his signature Melancholy Party Jams, played on a Wurltizer electric piano, with drum machine accompaniment.

After a longtime association with Germany’s Tomlab label, who released the second, third and fourth Mantler records (SADISFACTION, LANDAU and MONODY) Cummings began working with Tin Angel in 2010, when they co-released MONODY and released fifth album ROSY MAZE to great acclaim in 2015. Since then, Tin Angel have released three more Marker Starling records: I’M WILLING (2016), ANCHORS AND AMPERSANDS (2017), and TRUST AN AMATEUR (2018). Cummings’ ninth record HIGH JANUARY, recorded in the UK and produced by Sean O’Hagan (The High Llamas, Stereolab) will be released in April 2020.

Cummings has collaborated with the German band Von Spar, contributing vocals and lyrics to their albums STREETLIFE (2014) and UNDER PRESSURE (2019). “Deep Background,” a song he wrote for Stereolab’s Lætitia Sadier appeared on FIND ME FINDING YOU (2017). His music is also released on 7e.p. Records in Japan, where he has toured twice, and where he embodied the singing voice of the character Desmond in the popular anime CAROLE AND TUESDAY (2019).

“Impossibly plush meld of early solo Paul McCartney melodies and Steely Dan jazz”  NME

“Classy, but it’s not style over substance - there’s a real gut-punch one-two here that’ll leave you reeling” The Line Of Best Fit

“So curious, so evocative, so wilfully idiosyncratic that we can’t help but play it on repeat” Clash Magazine


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